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The Top 6 Questions I Get Asked

I love a good challenge! I know it’s my North Node in Gemini that causes me to be intrigued by the inner workings of how others think. It helps me seek out what challenges others face and allows me to problem-solve in a way they can implement. It’s like my superpower as a marketing coach and consultant.

But, in general, most people are either shy or ashamed to ask for help. They don’t want to bother me or think they’re asking a dumb question. But that’s the part I do well and love best - helping people. It’s funny that I’m in marketing and rarely get asked questions about it. Because I know that asking for help can be intimidating, I put the option up to pick my brain in my social media stories. Yet, I get crickets. But in conversations with people about their business, I catch tidbits about a problem or obstacle I know how to solve.

But then I’m faced with the ultimate dilemma of offering free advice when it wasn’t asked for or staying silent and letting others figure out their problems.

What’s A Girl To Do?

The best solution is to offer up a few tidbits of advice and cover some common questions I think many people might be afraid to ask.

1. How do I ______ on Instagram? Or how do I know _____ is working?

Please drop me a DM or shoot me an email! I can’t tell you the answer without knowing the question. And I can promise you that no question is dumb. I have literally been that person at the office who tried everything before realizing I needed to unplug the machine for 10 seconds and plug it back in.

Too often, people don’t realize that there is a solution because they are too close to the issue. But if I know the answer, I am more than willing to offer advice if it’ll make your job easier.

2. How can I share a TikTok on Instagram without getting into hot water by the algorithm Gods?

Use a third-party app such as CapCut (free to use!) to do your initial editing, save it to your phone and then use Instagram or TikTok’s native tools to add captions, stickers, effects, etc. While it will tweak your video differently in each app, that’s more than okay since you want to have some differences in your content to appeal to different audiences.

3. Do I really have to show up on multiple platforms? It’s exhausting!

The short answer is only to show up on social media platforms that your IDEAL customer and target audience will be on. If they are present on multiple platforms, see what you can automate. Schedule content on platforms you aren’t interested in and post organically on platforms you enjoy. It’s not a great way to approach marketing your business, but if you are genuinely stretched thin, this is the simplest way to keep showing up on social media.

4. What industries do you work with?

I cover all kinds of industries. However, I have always felt moved by small businesses that have integrity, are ethical and accountable, and create a positive impact on their community. Because of this, I have worked with yoga instructors, podcasts on family building, podcasts for creatives, a mobile beverage company that launched during the pandemic, a cannabis marketer who was reshaping the narrative around the cannabis industry, life coaches, and a rural teen sexual education program. I wouldn’t say I like limiting myself to being an expert in one particular sector because having a variety of industries keeps me motivated and engaged in the work.

5. What are your services?

I offer social media marketing services, website builds/updates, blogging and copywriting, fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), and marketing coaching/consultant. However, I only take clients that align with my vision and goals.

6. What are your prices?

I like to do things ala cart. I work with small businesses because I love their direct impact on their community. Each small business has different marketing needs. Most business owners don’t know the terminology for other areas of marketing and assume that one category covers it all.

It would be helpful to talk with each business owner to discuss their goals and obstacles and determine the best action plan.

Perhaps you thought you wanted a social media manager, but after talking, we determined you need a PR agency. Unfortunately, I may not be able to provide that service, but I can still help you by pointing you in the right direction.

I also enjoy ala cart pricing because it allows flexibility on what may be most helpful to your business. For example, perhaps you love designing Canva graphics but hate caption writing. Or maybe you need a content calendar and some accountability. Unfortunately, not every package fits in a neat checkbox, and that’s okay.

The Ultimate Question

Hahaha, just kidding. I can’t possibly know your burning question without having a conversation. Marketing is such a complicated, creative and data-driven process that it’s hard to understand your business's needs without at least a discussion. But I know that whatever your question is, there’s a good possibility that I either know the answer, learn how to uncover the answer, or know someone who can help if I can’t.

Sometimes I am told that people don’t ask me marketing questions because they don’t want to be “that” person who asks me ten thousand questions. Or, they don’t want to make me feel taken advantage of because they can’t afford to pay me for my time. To that, I say, ask away. And if it is something that won’t be a quick answer or you’re asking me questions daily, we can talk invoices and fees.

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