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4 Reasons to Outsource to a Boutique Marketing Agency

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Do you know when to delegate and outsource?

I always thought I would just take on the world and never get tired of it. As a new business owner in 2020, I was enthralled and intrigued by all the various aspects to running a business.

But, after a few months of running on the giant hamster wheel, the exhaustion and moodiness settled in. As often as I think I can be superwoman, reality always is sure to follow soon after.

This time around though, I knew I needed help.

My empowerment mentor/business coach taught us to delegate when we need it. It’s something that seems foreign to me most of the time, but I would have to make it a priority so I wouldn’t feel burnt out.


I was going to have to give myself some tough love and recognize that it’s okay to ask for help, even if that means outsourcing some of those not-so-fun tasks. It’s also okay to not want to do the tasks that are not in my wheelhouse, such as filing taxes for example.

I know that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and everyone has certain skills and jobs that they LOVE doing.


For me, I love love love marketing. I find it fascinating, exciting, and it always presents me with new challenges to overcome. One of my favorite things about marketing is the direct ability it has to create a confidence boost to my clients, the increased financial stability it can provide to my clients and myself, and the impacts those effects can have on local communities - when you make money, you spend money.

For small business owners interested in outsourcing their marketing, boutique marketing agencies aren’t always the first on their list. Boutique marketing agencies are lesser known and usually a small team (or in my case, a team of one). But there are some significant benefits to hiring one over a large agency.

With Outsourcing Comes Free Time

Some of the benefits to outsourcing your marketing needs to a boutique marketing agency versus a large agency include:

1. A one-on-one approach.

There is something so reassuring about knowing exactly who you are working with and trusting your business needs to. With a boutique marketing agency you have the ability to develop a strong relationship with a direct connection between you as the client to people like me, the marketer.

There is also the benefit of streamlined processes to achieve goals. Instead of having to go through a chain of command, you’re working with only one person or a very small team of people. You’ll know exactly who you are working with and how to get a hold of them for each step of your project.

2. Consistency with messaging, brand values and knowing your business front to back.

This allows your marketer to get everything right with less research and time needed. With larger agencies, you run the risk of turnover within the company (now your project is being passed around to different people), multiple voices contributing to your messaging and less investment from those who work on your projects.

3. Flexibility

There is no one size fits all approach to your business needs. Because of that, everything is customized to fit you as the client.

That hyperfocus and super hands-on approach makes you as a client feel heard, seen and understood.

4. Failure is not an option.

Being a one-woman-agency, I need to strive for success at all times. With larger agencies, if they fail, they move onto the next client. You become a dime a dozen even before they begin your project.

If You Win, We All Win

Boutique marketing agencies are a great way to take some work off your plate. And the best part about them is that they grow alongside you. For every success and win you receive due to their marketing efforts, the more they (or I) win! Think of all those times you directly impacted a win for a team. It feels really exciting to know you were a part of something great!

That is what working with a boutique marketing agency feels like.

Next time you find yourself overwhelmed by running a business, think about what you might be able to outsource. The work you’d like to pass off to another may just be THE thing they love to do.

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