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Beginner's Guide to Content

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Cooking up some new content? Let's take a look at the ingredients! You may have them on hand.

When it comes to cooking up content, you can have multiple cooks in the kitchen - just stay on-brand!

These past few months have felt as if they’ve lasted years. Some people are getting cozy and coping with self-care, while others have been focused on learning a new skill or launching a new side hustle. If you’re of the latter category, I’m here to tell you how to formulate a great content strategy to help your business.

You’ll need a few ingredients to get started (no utensils needed, but a computer or smartphone is required).

1 part authenticity (be yourself, you have unique gifts to offer)

1 part creativity (even if you’re not creative, think of the content you’ve enjoyed interacting with)

1 part strategy (planning ahead and doing your research can go a long way)

1 part community (use your community to create original content)

When you started planning your next big move, you probably started with a piece of the puzzle that is known as your audience. You did some research on who you wanted to help, what challenges they may be facing and where to find them - but now comes the fun part!

Telling your business’ story through the use of content can be a powerful tool for connecting with your audience. Begin with what makes your business unique and use that as a jumping off point. People love a good story, especially if they can connect to it on some level.

Add in a large dash of topics surrounding your product or service (Mix it well!).Think about all the search terms someone may use when seeking this particular product or service. What do they want to know? What are your competitors doing? Are there any allies that have similar products or interests that (with their permission) you can share some of their content in a unique way?

Knowing your audience like the back of your hand, you can also tap into relatable, appropriate content from other businesses that can complement the products and services you offer. Is there a blog that can be repurposed into an infographic? Is there a guest writer who may want to tap into your market? These types of content pieces can lend themselves to filling in your content calendar - more on that topic in a later post!

The final ingredient is YOUR AUDIENCE! Audience-created content allows for the online community that you’ve built to be a part of your brand. This type of content makes everything seem more personal and creates stakeholders in your product. You can offer contests, quizzes, testimonials, take-overs, etc. The ideas are endless!

Once you have a strategy built, you can blend all the ingredients together for a big heaping content calendar served right to your computer. Serve whenever you think your audience will be hungry for more!

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