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As a freelance marketer and solopreneur, I've learned that at my core, I'm here to help others like me! Empowering others to live life to the fullest while still being a professional is how I measure my success. And, yes, I love doing it with a little bit of spice and loads of flavor! 

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With every effective marketing strategy comes a recipe that is easy to follow.

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I'm in the human connection business!

I love connecting with humans - whether it is to help another, talk for hours about tacos and cooking or build marketing strategies - I'm so ready! One of the greatest things about life is the connections we make. What's even better is being of service to those that we connect with and care about. As I learn how to navigate this thing called life, I enjoy sharing the wisdom I gain if it means that I can help another human being. Full discretion though - I only share my deepest wisdom with my newsletter subscribers. So head to the bottom of your screen and sign up today!

Clients &


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Check out some of my amazing past and present clients!

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White lotus flower on black background with Natalie Gomez, Massage Therapist underneath
Grey outline of mountains. Aaron J. Weese underneath
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